Slow Motion HD Video Ballet Slippers

I’m re-posting this video by popular demand. For some reason, it got lost in the archive. The basic info is: This clip was shot at 1000fps using a Phantom high speed camera. The move itself is only a few seconds long but plays out to just over one minute.

As a photographer, sometimes the motivation for taking a picture can be as simple as wanting to see what something looks like photographed. The Striped Bass image (August) is a good example. I wondered what it would look like as a photograph, especially if I shot it as a compound image.

As a filmmaker this is also true. For example, I’ve always wanted to shoot high speed slow motion footage of things taking place in real time. In this clip, I wanted to see a ballet dancer make this familiar move wearing rehearsal slippers, first so I could see what happens more clearly and study every aspect of the move. And secondly to assess whether it was interesting enough to tell a story. No edits. Just a single clip.

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