Creating Panoramas with an iPhone4

The image at the top of the opening screen was my very first panorama, shot 15 years ago at Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, RI. It was a location for Errol Morris’s film Fast, Cheap & Out of Control and was shot using 35mm black and white infrared film. The camera had a special motorized head that rotated in 90 degree increments. I continued shooting panoramas with the Fuji 617 and for the past year have been experimenting with the iPhone4 and stitching software to produce panoramas and compound images.

There’s a saying that it’s best to fully understand a rule before breaking it and this is certainly true about the importance of using a pivoting head when shooting source files that will be stitched together to create a panorama.

Depending on the subject matter, and subject to camera distance, you can create panoramas with odd and interesting shapes by forcing the iPhone to move slightly off axis.

It’s pretty clear how I moved the camera to create the cloud and harbor panoramas.  But the striped bass “panorama” is a bit more complicated and fascinating. I’ve included the source files of the striped bass so it’s easier to figure out how it was made. (I placed “panorama” in quotes because it’s really a compound image……..perhaps we need to create a better name for it.)

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  1. Kerry says:

    I am completely knocked out by your images. Delighted to have found your site. Great info too.

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