High Speed Video 1000fps

Phantom Camera Test: Blue Cloth 1000fps from Nubar Alexanian on Vimeo.

Another clip shot with the Phantom camera at 1000fps. During the shoot, Agi Klaus, my most excellent art director, handed me this piece of cloth…smiled…..then walked away. The dancer and I rehearsed with it for a while. Her move, which took 4.5 seconds with her “whipping” the cloth around herself, plays out to a 2 minute clip. Not only is her move incredible starting from the bottom of the frame, bending backwards 180 degrees, but hang in there and watch as the cloth transforms into something beautiful.

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  1. Ray Roman says:

    Looks great, reminds me of the early Lumière Brothers films like The Serpentine Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkT54BetFBI

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