Shooting Where You Live…over and over….

I shoot almost all the time, especially in my home town of Gloucester, MA. It’s different than being on location for an assignment, both for the obvious reasons and because I have the luxury of shooting the same thing over and over until I get it. This image taken of Ice Floes in Walker Creek in the year 2000 is a good example. It’s right down the street from where I live. I must have shot this 20 different times in a month. I used the Fuji 617 Panorama camera and Tri-X 220 film (image size on this camera is true panorama: 2 1/4 x 6 3/4).

And since the East Coast was just blasted with 1-2 feet of snow, BEFORE Halloween, I thought it appropriate to upload this image. (We were spared by only getting rain and wind.)

Walker Creek, West Gloucester, MA

This may sound extreme, but I “scouted” this location in Gloucester Harbor from my boat for a year. I was trying to find the correct angle and height of the tide that would let me stand on a rock with a tripod so I could line up the high water mark you see on the large granite bolder with the horizon, which, in this case is the city of Gloucester.

Gloucester Harbor, Gloucester, MA

City of Gloucester from Ten Pound Island

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2 Responses to Shooting Where You Live…over and over….

  1. Heather says:

    I couldn’t leave your blog without saying your shots are simply amazing…I find it interesting that you say shoot the same location over and over…but then I’m sure you get a different shot every time! Regardless I think you’ve given us wanna be photographers a great suggestion.
    You sound like a disciplined person, which is why you are such a fantastic photographer!!!

  2. Nubar says:

    Thanks Heather. Though you’re right, I do get a different image every time I shoot the same location over and over….and they all look good….I’m not satisfied until I can finally see….in the photograph…. the reason I keep going back. In other words, the others are just good pictures. I’m looking for images that go deeper. I don’t mean to be flip, but it’s not that hard to take good looking pictures, especially with the technology in cameras/phones today. And though it’s fun taking beautiful pictures, it’s not difficult to take a beautiful picture of something that’s already beautiful. What’s difficult is taking interesting photographs of the mundane aspects of everyday life. This is the number one requirement for professional photographers.

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