Using Stills and Video to Tell a Story

The 45 foot Schooner Ardelle was built at Harold Burnham’s Boat Yard in Essex, Massachusetts. It was launched in Essex on July 9th at high tide almost one year after Harold and friends began building her. (More about the Ardelle below).

What you see here are stills and HD footage all shot with the iPhone4. This is not an edited piece. Instead, I’ve inserted a panorama of the boat to open the piece which was shot in December, 2010. A couple of HD clips from the launch come next, followed by a few clips of her maiden voyage from Essex to Gloucester. It ends with a still image of her in Ipswich Bay (My godson and I were out fishing early that morning. Didn’t find the fish, but we saw this image of the Ardelle making her way to safety before Hurricane Irene arrived).

As I said, this is not an edited piece. Instead, I thought it might be interesting for others to see how a project looks in “raw” form, commonly referred to as a rough edit. There are more stills to insert, audio which I will grab from other clips and more precise timing of the edits (which will involve my editor.)

The ARDELLE will operate out of Maritime Gloucester, formerly called the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center in Gloucester, MA where she will serve as the centers’ research and educational vessel as well as taking passengers out during the season.

The ARDELLE was named after Harold’s grandmother Ardelle and his daughter, Perry Ardelle. As far as her design goes, the ARDELLE is a typical clipper pinky schooner and her lines are based largely on the original Pinky MAINE built by Ebeniser Burnham in Essex in 1845. In 1926, the MAINE was the last pinky schooner on the American register.

Pinky Schooners were a common type of fishing vessel that sailed out of Cape Ann harbors from the early eighteenth century through the early twentieth century. In 1839, there were 64 registered out of the Gloucester district. Pinkies were generally smaller vessels but were known for their seaworthiness.

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  2. There can’t be too many Nubars in the world. So, when I saw your comment on the Ardelle in Good Morning Gloucester, I paid attention. I used to produce shows for Bob Pettrucci at Bose. You and I did a multi-image show for bob on the Acoustic Wave.

    I live in Essex, and was very involved with Harold in getting the word out on the launch of the Ardelle.

    I now have an editing suit in Gloucester. It’s nice to see you name pop up on Joey’s blog. We all read it.

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